jeudi 23 janvier 2014

Cherry and Purple Heart Box


A sweet little box made in Cherry, Walnut and Purple Heart. The Purple heart was rescued from a Brazilian pallet which traveled all the way to France. We ship boxes to anywhere as long as shipping costs are covered.

'Tree Bog' shed for composting toilet

Tree Bog

This is a quirky composting toilet with our nutty sliding bolt. Constructed from 22mm pine boards. This shed will be mounted on a leg set raising it 1.5 m high making room for the tree bog principle. 

Machining light recesses

light recesses

Lights being machined into some Ash shelves and have concealed transformers and cabling supplied complete for rapid installation. Jigs made specialty to guarantee an exact fit.

Shutters and Windows

waiting for their new owner

We often produce similar items for collection in France for many a English and French customers

Curvy Stairs

Stair Flight

This was a difficult staircase to build due to multiple angles and rises but here it is waiting for the new curved handrail and special order spindle for the banisters.

Unusual Country Gates

Unusual Country Gates made to measure

This gate evolved from some very curved old oak which kind of found its destiny with this cool gate. Note the wooden sliding bolt which performs without a hitch, no more fiddling about with tiny shoot bolts.

Wood turned Spindles

Bead and Cove hand turned spindles

This was a commission  for a new and unusual staircase not far from 'Saint Mathieu' No copy lathe was sacrificed for the sixty turnings as they were manually copied using only calipers and my razor sharp turning tools.